Saturday, March 2, 2019

Life Update: Where Have I Been?!

Omg! I have not created a blog post in a while! Happy March loves! Today I am going to be telling you guys where I have been. It is such a gloomy rainy day today and I am drinking a warm hot coffee in my pjs. 

To start off, I took time off blogging because I created a youtube channel and have been dedicating my time creating videos, however, I found my spark for blogging again.
I will be creating more blog content, I missed blogging so much! 

I also have been in school so that takes up most of my time. I am almost done with school, I have 2 months left! I can't wait to start my first job everrrr! I will definitely make a blog post about my experience. 

I hope to get a camera this month to take outfit photos, flat lays, product photos. I will try to create blog post 3x a week. I am planning my schedule on my planner, I will maybe do Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday or Friday. Let me know if you guys have any topics you want me to talk to about. I am going to do girl talks, fashion posts and life talks! I want to go into details with these types of topics. 

I hope you guys stay tuned for my upcoming blog post and you guys can check out my youtube channel for more content. 

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

What I Got For Christmas

Hello everyone, today I filmed a what I got for Christmas video and I am so excited to share the items I received!

I am so grateful for everything and I can’t wait to use all my things.

What I Got
• Keurig
• Face masks
• White bodysuit 
• Pink fleece sweater 
• Mini backpack
• Hand sanatizers
• Fragrance mist
• A mug
• Pink fleece blanket
• Laptop
• Fuzzy socks
• Planner & Stickers
• Pj set 
• Slippers
• Hair products 

I hope you all had a happy holiday!

Thank you for stopping by!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Favorite Christmas Movies On Netflix

Hello love bugs, happy December!
 Since it’s the holiday season I decided to share my favorite Christmas movies that are available on Netflix. I absolutely love Christmas movies! I can watch them all day everyday!

Favorite Netflix Films

• Christmas With A View
• The Princess Switch
• A Christmas Prince & The Royal Wedding (Part 2)
• Miss Me This Christmas
• You Can’t Fight Christmas
• A Holiday Engagement

If you love romance, comedy and drama then these are perfect for you to binge watch!
Fun fact: I loveeee hallmark movies so the movies I shared have a similar taste.

Let me know your favorite holiday movies and if you watched these before share your thoughts on them!

Thank you for stopping by.