Tuesday, August 7, 2018

How To Be Organized

Since it's back to school season I thought I would share my tips on staying organized from school to work to lifestyle because I love organization! It's so pleasing and makes one feel like you have your life together!
Being organized can reduce your daily stress and can help you with time management.
Get things done and keep clean.
How To Be Organized 
1. Get a any kind of planner
• writing down important information will help you remember it plus you can make your planner cute and it will motivate you to get things done in time
• you'll be able to write your entire day out and you'll be able to see what times you're free and when you'll be busy
• it's perfect for writing down homework assignments, test/quiz dates, study group dates, meetings, party dates etc.
2. Declutter
• don't keep things just because you want them (if they're cute then maybe)
• clean out your room, closet, drawers get rid of the items you don't use
3. Put things where they belong 
• don't be lazy! being clean and having things where they're supposed to be will make you feel some kind of peace
• bunching up items will just make you have to clean many times
• you'll remember where you left things and won't destroy your room/home looking for it
4. Motivate yourself
• give yourself a sweet treat after you completed your daily to-do list
• read inspiring quotes
5. Use your phone
• set reminders or an alarm on important things you need to get done
• turn off your phone
• write on your notes
6. Get containers & label them 
 create or print cute labeling for food jars, drawers etc.
• buy containers for anything you don't know where to put items in or to organize your pantry, closet or school supplies
Let me know any tips you have for organization in the comments!
Thank you for reading!

VII Code Oxygen Eye Mask Review

As you get older, there is less time for you to get beauty sleep which can cause dark circles! However, today i'll be sharing a secret to making your under eyes feel alive. VII code oxygen eye masksthey're perfect for the busy ladies out there who don't have time to pamper themselves. It's an 8 hour eye mask that can be used as you're sleeping, you're getting quick and easy brightened eyes.
VII code eye mask provide everything your skin needs to be healthy. Has all essential vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, botanicals, peptides and essential fatty acids. Your under eyes will look fresh and brightened with VII code eye mask. They have a gel like feel that definitely make your skin feel fresh.
• Skin is instantly refreshed
• Minimize visible signs of aging around eyes
• Reduce fine lines and wrinkles effectively
• Instantly moisturize and soothe delicate under eye
• Reduce dark circles and puffiness
Skin care is very important to me so I tried this product and guess what...I love it! When I put on the eye mask, I instantly felt the gel work its magic. This product definitely brightened my under eyes. The gel like product made my skin feel smooth and super cooling. It's great to sleep with; it sticks to your skin, will not fall off and it's very comfortable to wear throughout the night and I am a crazy sleeper! It's definitely a beauty must-have.
It's an overnight mask you need to try. Each box comes with 6 packets.
Thank you to VII Code for working with me. Go check them out and purchase your own today! You even get $5 off with my code: Nataly (ends 7/31/18)
Say good bye to dark under eyes and hello to soothing brightened eyes!

What To Do This Summer

Summer officially begins on the 21st of June, but the weather in California is so hot already!! So today I will be sharing a few affordable things to do this summer, hopefully you have these types of things near you.
Where to go/What to do:
• Lake/Beach
- A simple way to stay cool with a nice lake/beach view and so summer-ish (not a word 🤦‍♀️)
• Water Park/Amusement Park
- Bring your family along and create fun memories
• Park
- Pack fresh foods, bring water balloons, if you want to be extra bring a slip n slide
• Hiking
- It's a workout with a beautiful view even if you're all sweaty it's so worth it
• Try different local lunch spots
- Eat new foods around you, they'll probably be your new fave spot to brunch
• Explore your city
- If your city is small go to the "city" next to you, go to places you've never been before
• Mini road trip
- Take a 2-3 hour road trip doesn't have to be far but road trips are a fun time and they're cool when you're not driving haha!
• Make homemade ice cream
- Making ice cream is pretty awesome and I definitely recommend you try
Life is about exploring and trying new things, you never know what's out there in the world that you may find interest in.
How is the weather where you are? I'd love to know!
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